Home Loans for First Time Home Buyers

What is this new CMHC incentive everyone’s talking about? We’ll give you the bullet points on this new program

CMHC is the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Company. They have launched the FIRST-TIME Home Buyer Incentive! $1.25 billion over the next three years has been allocated to help lower mortgage cots for eligible Candians.

First-time home buyers applying for insured mortgages can receive incentives.

  • 10% of the house price for new builds
  • 5% of the house price for existing builds

Only households with an annual income under $120,000 would be able to participate in this program.

There are PLENTY of programs for first time home buyers.

If you plan on owning a home in the future, whether its this year or five years from now, you NEED A PLAN IN PLACE!

Let’s sit down and discuss your saving strategy. I’ll help you figure out what programs are best for you. We can set you up on a search for your ideal neighbourhood. If you plan on buying in a few years, it’s crucial to know what’s happening with pricing in your dream neighbourhood. Know how rare or how often a home hits the market so when you’re ready, you can make a confident choice.

Message below if you want to be set up on a neighbourhood search!

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