Expansion Partner

Expansion Partner

A Shaw Realty Group Expansion Partner is a leader who is invested in their team’s growth. They are passionate about creating opportunities for their team to succeed and capture market share.

  • stay accountable to annual, monthly, and weekly 4-1-1 goals
  • schedules and attends training
  • leads the Shaw Realty Group brand locally
  • follows up on all leads and converts appointments sent by Shaw Realty Group
  • consult clients to ensure fiduciary service of the real estate transaction from initial contact through contract to close
  • hires and maintains a culture of high energy, open communication, and culture

The Expansion Partner is the local representative of the central real estate network, providing excellent customer service to all clients. The Partner is responsible for all buyer and seller transactions in this Expansion Team.

Reports to:

Expansion Partner, Director of Expansion

To apply, please email shaw@shawrealtygroup.com with the subject line: “SRG Expansion” and your resume with references.

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